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What's core value objective of GG3M Group? That is, GG3M changes the world and the world evolves owing to GG3M. GG3M Internet of Things Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (GG3M IOT Org.) was established in early 2017, and GG3M micro-media system Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (GG3M Inc.) was established in 2011,  and Shanghai Gcoge Information Technology Co., Ltd.  (Gcoge Inc.) was established in 2009.GG3M Group is headquartered in Shanghai. GG3M is the world’s first company which employs innovation-oriented thinking research and micro media intelligence high-tech, intended to integrate Radio and TV network, telecommunication network and mobile internet. The company focuses on data mining, micro-media research, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. And the spectrum of research directions includes the law of internet evolution, internet virtual brain structure, internet within human brain, Network intelligence emergence, philosophy of internet, mobile internet research, micro media intelligence, and so on. The company is devoted to forge professional institutions capable of delivering micro media services, promoting the healthy development of micro media all over the world.
The subsidiary companies of GG3M include GG3M Internet of Things Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.,Gcoge Global Mobile Micro Media System Technology(Shanghai)Co.Ltd. ,Shanghai Gcoge Information Technology Co., Ltd,Jiangxi GG3M Education Technology Co., Ltd., Universal Push-off Internet Marketing Agency Micro Media International Institute and Internet Evolution & Network Creative Wisdom Research Center. Tony, the founder of the company, is known as MicroMedia Hyper and the first person of MicroMedia Interactive marketing in China by media and industry. He is also renowned as the first person in MicroMedia of the Century. He graduated from University of Science and Technology of China, Precision mechanical information engineering major, and earned master degree of Software Engineering from University of Science and Technology of China in 2008. He has worked as senior software engineer, senior architect, chief technology officer for various of well known companies in China and abroad, and has been engaged as technology experts by various well known communities all over the world. In 2009, Mr. Deng founded Shanghai Gcoge Information Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai Thya education information consulting Co., Ltd , and Internet Evolution & Network Creative Wisdom Research Center, carrying out research on the cutting edge of idea, technology and model of internet. In 2011, Mr. Deng pioneered in the world the building of the innovative cutting edge high-tech, GG3M Micro Media Technology (Shanghai) Inc, which is devoted on MicroMedia research. His achievement is relied on his strong acumen in perception of technology trend, outstanding capability in seizing the opportunity timely, and highly incisiveness in forward thinking on technology. He is chairman and CEO of the company, in charge of strategic planning, operation management, research and development of core products and technologies. Later, he founded and led the MicroMedia International Institution, which concentrated on research of mobile internet and MicroMedia. Mr. Deng, with his strong Chinese complex, will encourage generations of followers of MicroMedia in China.
GG3M changes the world and the world evolves owing to GG3M. GG3M is orientated on MicroMedia and an entrepreneurial incubating platform. We are an internet and business intelligence entrepreneurial incubator, dedicated for MICROMEDIA business intelligence broadcasting. Our mission is enabling all enterprise and entrepreneurs in the world benefit from MICROMEDIA++, allowing all the people in the global village gain the bonus from MICROMEDIA++, as the one from water and electricity, equally, liberally and democratically. The vision of GG3M is growing to be one of the most respectful great companies in the world, a legend of business in the history of civilization. The first fifteen-plan of GG3M aims at bringing up 999 business leaders in the world, with wealth over ten billion each, fostering 999 listed companies of world-class, 10,000 cooperative alliance companies in all industries, and aid 100 million enterprises local and abroad to be connected with MICROMEDIA business intelligence, to achieve enterprise’s self-subversion, structure reorganization, management evolution, internet oriented cogitate style transformation and upgrade. The ultimate goal of GG3M is eventually of sustainable development, allowing everyone of GG3M family cherish honor which will be passed on from generation to generation. The dream of GG3M is to unite every partner who can be united, to make contribution for Chinese people to realize their China dream and harmonious World dream. The values of GG3M are selfless devotion, pursuit of excellence, dedication for work and country and worldwide reputation. We trust everyone and respect everyone. And we encourage every employee to offer new idea and originality, to share knowledge and contribute inspiration, to work under Non boundary working mode, to always seek and utilize best thoughts without any bias on its origin. We always adhere to integrity, Pay attention to performance, apparent mass for the life, personalized customize products and manufacture flexibly. We cultivate Craftsman spirit of constantly striving for perfection. We advocate gaining products and services of best quality with lowest price. We respect highly of global Intellectual capital and its providers, bringing about business value of the highest cost performance for them.

1st Global GG3M Micro Media Business Partner Recruitment Conference 3rd Session
We have offered remarkable software and solution for our enterprise customers. G8Office、GICS and other system software have been employed by government, finance, petroleum, electric power, education, medical and other various industries. We possess an outstanding technical team composed of elites of software engineers, who are utilizing various advanced technologies, spanning from desktop to mobile, from software to devices to develop innovative technology intending to transform people’s way of working.
GG3M offers software products and information services to explore the value of information from internet. Taking advantage of vertical search engine, data mining, social media computing and other leading technologies with independent intellectual property, dedicated for intelligent processing of massive information, we offers government and enterprises Public opinion information Monitoring and analysis system, big data cloud platform, information analysis consulting and industry vertical search engine solution. No matter it is cloud computing system construction, professional information services, or deep analysis reporting, we can always satisfy various requirement from our customers with one-stop service, enable our customers, whenever and wherever they are working, to efficiently discover and exploit the information essence of the most valuable, which is scattered in the ocean of the data.

GG3M is the world’s leading supplier of MICROMEDIA solution, the first Chinese internet+ supplier offering comprehensive solution for various industries. GG3M is also the leading solution and service supplier in China for cloud computing and big data technology, and the Chinese most professional mobile and IT solution provider. The company is also the Chinese leading supplier for enterprise management software, enterprise internet service and enterprise finance, the largest ERP, CRM, human resource, business analysis, internal audit, small and micro enterprise management software, government finance, automobile, tobacco, and so on. GG3M is also the Chinese leading Public service platforms for Weibo, Wechat and MICROMEDIA. The business of the company covers three primary industries group, i.e., system and technology, software and service and semiconductor industry, offering IT products and services to various countries and areas all over the world, satisfying the information needs of all aspects of the governments and enterprises. GG3M has always been unique and highly original among Chinese IT companies, relying on its leading technology and unparalleled capability in software and hardware. Moreover, during the critical time of Chinese IT industry development, the company has led the growth of the industry. GWISDOM of GG3M is the most comprehensively used open internet platform by Chinese large enterprises and organizations, and it supports, as the public cloud services, more than tens of millions small and micro enterprises. GG3M has achieved rapid development in applications for various industries, such as petroleum, finance, health care, telecommunication, energy, and various services, such as visualized production, information safety, digital oil field, cloud computing, the Internet of things, big data, data center construction, enterprise collaboration, enterprise communication, enterprise payment, P2P, training and education, management consulting. GG3M is well versed on both international business convention and business principles under Chinese culture, and thus aims at offering the partners the solution of integrated marketing communications based on brand strategy and marketing effectiveness oriented in local China. As a conclusion, the service advantages of GG3M lie in profound understanding of both Chinese market and international business convention, the high calibre of professional service team, and plentiful resources of relationship with media, public relations advertising and governments.

We persist in the principal of technology dominant, innovation motive, quality as tenet, and service oriented. Under the circumstance of products becoming mature continuously and market reaction getting better and better, we earn the trust of our customers by ensuring every customer to be able to benefit from our outstanding technical support and service resource. We have persisted in investing substantive manpower, material resources and funds on continuously products research and upgrade at the time when we expanded the market steadily, so as to ensure offering our customer the best qualified services. The products’ infrastructure, functionalities, performance and application are in leading position in the industry countrywide, and possess independent software copyright.

GG3M is the first national-level high-tech company in China committed to research and development of mobile internet solution. As of today, the company possesses hundreds of employees, with over 80% of senior developers. GG3M offers full aspects services of mobile internet solution, centered at development and customization of mobile APP, including IOS, Android, back end management, full life cycles software management service for requirement, design, development, test, operation, and evolution of wechat and websites. Abiding by the business philosophy of credible, professional, efficient and innovative, the company has accumulated experiences of hundreds of successful cases, with the customers spread all over the government, technology, automobile, health, education, e-commerce, finance and so on, and has established enduring and close linkages with well known enterprises countrywide.

The company has continuously increased investment on research and development, and gained independent intellectual property right in products and services for various industries, spanning automobile, health, travel, education and so on. Relied on business philosophy of human resource being No.1 productive forces, the company possesses a large amount of
high quality people in design, development, test, operation and project management, with solid technology, rich experience, unity and stability. All developers have earned over two years mobile project development experience, with full stack development capability. Under the premise of meeting demands for customers’ personalization, the company pays close attention to quality and sense of experience of products, with all delivered products gaining unanimous endorsement from customers.
GG3M strategic objective is the most valuable brand of mobile internet service, devoting to assistant enterprises to seizing the winning opportunity of mobile internet, and turning to be the best partner for enterprises to promote their competitive edge and profitability.

Based on various internet technologies, such as mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, social network and so on, GG3M has served enterprises and organization all over the world by GG3M’s application software, internet services and internet finance services. A large number of enterprises and organizations in China and Asia have realized fine management, agile operation, and business innovation by utilizing GG3M’s services. Top of 500 enterprises in China are of GG3M’s customers. GG3M has led the development of Chinese IT industry for several times by its breakthrough in technology, at the critical times of the Chinese IT industry development history. GG3M has established integrated solution services covering IaaS, PasS and SaaS. Relied on its high end servers, mass storage, cloud operating system, information security, GG3M has built the leading Infrastructure platform for cloud computing. Based on its software, end products and solution for government, enterprises and various industries, GG3M is supporting the development of cloud computing of intelligent government, enterprises and vertical industries from all aspects.
The comprehensive strength of GG3M has made it become one of the most influential IT brands in China. GG3M has been recognized as one of the first innovative high tech by Chinese ministry of Science and Technology, and the only enterprise which possesses national level MM research and development platform. The company has established the end to end solutions for internet, mobile internet, information and telecommunication, enterprises’ network, sales and marketing, big data analysis and cloud computing through continuously innovation centered on customers’ requirements and cooperating openly with partners. The company devoted to provide competitive MM solution and services for TV station, telecommunications operators, enterprises and consumers, promoting continuously customers’ experiences and making best value for them. Abiding by principals of innovation, standard, honest, accountability, respect and express, the company intends to be the most capable of MM solution supplier, by superb products, sound service system, professional technical team and leading management philosophy, relying on fine, perfect and timely services as fundamental, meeting customers’ various requirement as our duty. The mission of GG3M is to promote the evolution of business and society; the business purpose is to turn into customers’reliable long term partner; the development goal is to establish the ecosphere for enterprise internet and to become the globally leading supplier of management and financial service for enterprise and organization.

The MicroMedia Intelligent enterprise management system (MWES), developed by GG3M, is a upgraded ERP system, the best solution accommodated to the present age. It effectively assistants enterprises to realize the systematization, standardization and intelligentialization of management through continuously enhancement and opitimization, establishing a flexible intelligence management system. Abiding by the philosophy of enabling the enterprise intelligent operation , GG3M offers MM intelligent management software research and solution, based on our deep understanding and rich experience on e-commerce and software industries. GG3M intends to integrate Radio and TV network, and online shopping. The company has established the first SEC (Stereoscopic, Enjoy, Culture) business service platform of China, which is leading TV shopping and mobile internet solution provider, taking MM Implantable marketing as core. The SEC is composed of Fan Yi Story, Embracing Fashion and Mike Marsh, which is an innovatively designed comprehensive MM columns, bearing both traditional culture and fashion style.
GG3M has founded customer oriented 4C marketing model after many years’ arduous efforts. The company has been carrying on customer-centered Micro Marketing, paying attention, meeting and guiding customer requirements regarding cost and convenience, enhancing communication with customers. Accommodated to specific customer’s characteristic, the company has been providing corresponding Micro Market solutions. We have been always encouraged to face challenge, continue to go beyond and gain success jointly, to achieve maximum profit for our customers, partners, employees and shareholders. Our vision is enriching communication and life of all people, utilizing our MM experience to eliminate the gulf introduced by asymmetric information, allowing people truly have equal rights.

We are not ordinary private enterprise, not state-owned enterprises either. We aim at repositioning the company as a Chinese National Enterprise, as Samsum to Korea, Benz to Germany, and Google and Apple to US. China today calls for the youth being able to represent China, calls for technology and innovative capability being able to represent the country, and calls for National Enterprise being able to represent the Chinese contribution to the world. It’s the time for China to have enterprises being able to represent Chinese culture, values, technologies, youth, and productivity. Many world class great companies have come into being in West, and even for Indian, many world class enterprise leaders emerge, such as CEOs of Pepsi, Microsoft, whereas no Chinese. Today or in near future, we will change. It’s GG3M duty to allowing Chinese world class come into being, changing Chinese conception of market. GG3M changes the world, and the world evolves owing to GG3M.
On January 15,1999,there were 18 young men who brought "Internet Dream" gathering and opening a mobilization meeting in a real estate of Zhejiang called Hupan Park.On the third floor of building No.16 there was barely nothing without any furniture except a broken sofa,and most of the young men were sitting on the floor.Jack Ma stood in the middle and spoke for two hours.Laterly who becoming the chief human resource officer and Ali pag CEO panglei recalled the scene and said ,"Almost only he oneself was speaking".he refers to Jack Ma. 
 Jack Ma said, “we would like to make  a company found by Chinese which is the gretset internet company in the world with excited expression ,we were just rolling eyes covwertly  This is the description of the situation from Penglei 
  The start capital of Alibaba is RMB 500,000 which gathered by eighteen people .Jack Ma said it was not due to he didn’t have such money ,but due to his hope of this company owning to all.so .the eighteen people paid few money and took 
Different retio of share ,and subsequent long time ,these people only got 500 per month ,Three of them even lived in farmer house ,Taking 3-Yuan box lunch everyday .there people created today's Alibaba
Several years later of 2007 ,Alibaba  became listed company .the market value on listing day of Albaba is more than USD 20,000,000,000 ,and everyone of the 18 people became billionaire certainly they are not the unique beneficiary of listing during the period of Alibaba founding to listing there were thousands of investment institute personal invested on it ,including many employees of Alibaba According to statistics, there were several thousands of people invested to Alibaba ,and they all got great from it. 
 Alibaba from RMB 500,000 in creating to usd $20,000,000,000 after listing .The enterprise increased 226,000 times,let’s make a suppose here ,if I invested 10000 in creating Alibaba at that  time Jack Ma .when Alibaba becoming listed how much wlii be my value ?It is simple math :10,000*226,000=2,260,000,000 10,000 investment becomes 2,260,000,000 within 8 years .It is an amazing return ,but time would not be return ,history doesn’t have result ,the “if”is only a joke ,meantime the calculation is  not very scienlific but only getting a conception. 
He is  only telling a principle –what kind of principle? That is,you can find a high increasing enterprise in share investment field and invset it ,making money is nearly more simple than breath .
Simplied in a word ,that is ,assisit young men who has busness undertaking dream to redize and hold the share of enterpprse  that is the stock of invested enterprise to get profit .  >>GG3M Micromedia Smart Platform Project Business Plan Overview

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